How to Create More Hours in Your Day

business foundations Feb 21, 2020

Time is the ultimate commodity isn’t it? There is never enough of it and no one can ever get more than 24 hours into a single day. The biggest challenge remains, how do you maximize the 24 hours you have in order to make the most money and accomplish everything you want. 


This is such a big issue for everyone I speak to that I have chosen to write my book on this topic because, after all, helping people get the most out of their day is my specialty! So what do I mean when I say maximizing your time? Well I’m sure you already have some idea of how to do this but either you don’t think it can work or you are simply too lazy to implement. Maximizing your time means finding all the ways you are wasting time currently. In this world of constant distraction and everyone trying to capture our attention, it becomes pretty easy to get off track and fall down a rabbit hole. 


I am a big fan of systems and SOP’s being a way for people to help streamline their business and gain more hours in their day. However, most people jump straight to systems and automation before really identifying what is sucking all their time out of their business. This is a step that can not be skipped in the grand scheme of things! Maybe you already know where all your time is going, or maybe you are in denial that you spend 4 hours a day on Facebook. Whichever camp you fall into, you still need to go through the steps to identify where all your time is going.


So how do you do this? Well it’s actually pretty simple, you need to keep a running list of EVERYTHING you do in a day. I mean everything! Believe it or not, people spend on average about 20 minutes each day just deciding what to wear… When you look up a list of the most common time wasters in daily life, indecision is actually a huge one. But the worst part about that is most people don’t even realize they are wasting time! This is why I say to track every single minute of your day. Do this exercise for the next couple of days, even up to a week if possible, this will give you a really clear picture of where your time is going.


Once you have completed this exercise I want you to create a list of each task you do more than once a week. So for example, you get dressed at least once a day so this would be a category on your list. Once you have a list of categories, go through and add up all the time you spend doing this task and write it next to the category. This will help you identify just how much time you spend in a week doing particular tasks. Once you have this comprehensive list it’s time to start cutting things out of your routine or at least trying to trim the excess fat! 


Obviously things like sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom have to stay and be at a reasonable number. But if you are like my husband and spend 3-4 hours a day in the bathroom, maybe you should figure out a way to make that number more manageable. 


If you need additional help managing your time and organizing so you can be the best version of yourself and make more money, head to my homepage or services page to schedule a call with me!  



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