The Powerhouse Launch Academy is designed to teach you how to go from idea to successfully launched course in a matter of weeks, not months. This course walks you through the exact steps you need to take to build something amazing with ease and get it into the hands of as many people as possible!

Who is this course REALLY for...

I’m not about to hit you with some sleazy lines here that it’s only for you if you’re committed and want massive profit. Who doesn’t? Some course launchers WON’T be a good fit for this program, and I want you to figure out if you fall into that category or not as soon as possible. 
  • You - if you’re an online entrepreneur who dreams of making 6+ figures with a course but don’t have time for fluff. 

  • You - if you want to scale your business easily and long for more flexibility in your schedule. 

  •  You - If you’re the type who wants to know exactly how things work but are also willing to delegate if your time is better spent elsewhere.You’re happy to keep costs low and learn how this works from the inside so you can keep control of the process.

Whether you're:

  • A service provider offering high touch services but you have nearly capped your earning potential and you know that your current business model will only get you so far
  • A prior course launcher who hasn’t found a way to create a course that feels like a good fit and who felt icky when it came time to market it
  • An entrepreneur who hasn't quite hit that income ceiling that comes with 1:1 service, but knows it's coming and wants to start prepping your business for growth now

You're in the right place! Let me share with you how the Powerhouse Launch Academy will give you the confidence you need to successfully launch your online course with ease. [without sleazy selling tactics]

At the end of this program you will have...

  • A clear understanding of your unique course and the topics you plan to teach (say goodbye to analysis paralysis!)

  • Easy to implement training that can be repeated over and over again for maximum revenue growth.

  • Validated that your audience WANTS what you’re offering - no guessing if people will buy on launch day, or even worse, trying to manipulate them into buying even if it isn’t a good fit.

  • Created all the content for your course and planned the exact process your customers will go through to achieve a transformation. 

  • Created a fully customized launch plan that works for YOUR offer and also for what your CUSTOMERS want. No more cookie cutter frameworks that never end up working out - your audience is unique and should be treated that way!

  • An exact framework for how to write and plan content that converts into sales during your launch - that’s also flexible enough to adapt to YOUR customers and launch. 

  • Full systems knowledge to automate your sales process and support you during your businesses inevitable growth.

  • Created a fully automated onboarding process for new students. You worked hard to build a genuine relationship with those in your audience who are the right fit for your course, so don’t leave them hanging! Show them that relationship is genuine and you will reap the reward of raving fans and amazing testimonials for your next round of launching.

Jessica Albert-Moret

Bad Girl Sales

Melissa’s Powerhouse Launch Plan was exactly what I needed to help organize the massive to do list that goes with launching a course. Step by step, her launch plan walks you through absolutely everything in an easy to follow spreadsheet. While it honestly gave me a swift kick in the butt, I also felt validated when I saw that I was actually further along than I thought I was giving me an honest look at where I was in the creation process. I feel so much more prepared and supported going into my upcoming launch this January. 

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  • 1 x SOS call you can use the week of your launch, where we can discuss tech or systems glitches, or any other concerns you have during this stressful time.
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What's Inside

Powerhouse Launch Academy

Module 1

Setting Up For Success

Having launched myself and helping countless owners launch too, I know that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. I’ve seen so many variations of steps that achieve success (and ones that keep you from a launch flop).

  • Figure out EXACTLY who your course helps
  • And if they actually need what you have to offer.  
  • So all the steps unfold, from course length and type to launch timeline, specific to the problems your course solves

NO SECOND GUESSING, we’re kicking that analysis paralysis to the curb and building momentum based on solid data and research.

Suspicious of manipulative sales tactics that you’ve fallen for before? You won’t need them if you identify the people who ACTUALLY want your offer! If you work backwards from how you help your students, it will feel good to sell that value when the time comes to market.


Module 2

Know Your Audience

Did you know nearly 90% of courses fail their first launch?! Most ‘gurus’ in the online course world won’t tell you about that.

  •  Save your time and money by finding out what your audience wants BEFORE you launch.
  • Use my unique interview formula to obtain the exact info you need and learn how to analyze it to extract the gold
  • Pull valuable data on pricing during these interviews, so you’re confident you can sell WITHOUT reducing the price last minute in the hope you can salvage your launch


Module 3

Create Your Outline

Not all people learn (or teach) the same way. Understand what your audience will need, and how best to teach them. Figure out those quick wins that help keep students moving through a course.

  • Use my exact framework to map out HOW you will teach - that will work for both you AND your students 
  • Move forward with actionable steps to create module titles and outlines
  • What assets and info do your students actually NEED? What will make them excited and engaged with your course and raving fans? 

This isn’t just about YOU making passive income. If you want stellar testimonials and a feeling of doing the job well, you need to understand what you’re GIVING to your audience and not just what you’re receiving.

Module 4

Creating Your Course

You’ve created your outline and you know just what your students need to learn. But - how do you keep their attention? Let me show you how to deliver your course in a way that captures AND maintains your students’ attention so that they actually finish the course. Next launch you can brag high completion rates and add some sweet testimonials to your sales page.

  • Learn about the different delivery methods available and pick the best one for you.
  • Understand some of the keys to teaching online and keeping students engaged.
  • Uncover the benefits a tool like Canva can provide to keeping students interested through visual course materials.


Module 5

Systems Support

You’re building a course to solve the time constraints of working 1:1 - but you also need to be able to handle an influx of students while still working in your business! Systems can make or break your business and your course. I’ll teach you how to build a strong foundation so you can handle the growth that will result from a successful course. 

  • Audit your current systems so you can understand what you currently use and how it works for your business (and could support you as a successful course creator)
  • Identify the holes in your business systems and the potential holes or problems in the systems you will use to identify any tech headaches or glitches before a client or student finds them
  • Get my full list of recommended systems for your business, so you can feel confident you’re giving your customers and students the best service
  • Make money in your sleep as you learn how to automate your course sales. Rest easy knowing your customers are taken care of and supported during the important period of signing up and onboarding into your course


Module 6

Assets that Sell your Course

It's time to talk money!

Before we can start selling our course to every person we meet, we first must have a few sales assets to direct them to. I’ll help you understand the tech involved in creating and maintaining those assets, so that your audience has a seamless experience as they move through your marketing funnel.

  • Understand how a marketing funnel works and the key assets that are needed, including a sales page, checkout page, and email sequences.
  • Learn about how to use tech and systems to make your funnel as seamless as possible, particularly as you launch
  • Uncover whether a waitlist would be right for your course, and how to use tech to set one up


Module 7

Choosing the Right Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a key piece of any course launch, but just like every other part of course creation, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. Before you blindly follow all the cookie-cutter marketing advice you see online, learn about the different strategies that are commonly used, and then identify which one is right for you AND your audience.

  • Uncover the unique aspects of your expertise and audience so you know what you need to focus on as you plan strategy.
  • Learn about the different types of marketing commonly used in launches, from affiliates to challenges, webinars to paid ads.
  • Identify the best marketing approach for your course and plan your strategy now so you’re primed to make the most of it when you’re ready to launch.


And that’s not all!

Bonus: Outsourcing and Scaling - How to Hire for Success

Course launches can be overwhelming - believe me, I’ve been there! If you are launching while also working with 1:1 clients, it can be hard to know what to prioritize. Sometimes you need to hire support, either for your course launch or for your business while you focus all your time on launching.

Whether you choose to implement this module your first go round, or circle back to it later after you’ve launched successfully and are ready to launch again, I’ll help you leverage your time by outsourcing and scaling what’s working.

  • Understand when is the right time in your business to hire support and what types of support are available
  • Learn how to find the right person the first time, to minimize the amount of work you have to spend once you’ve onboarded your support
  • Create SOPs that you can use to delegate with ease and maximize efficiency in your business and course launch
  • Specialized training on how to manage the people you bring in to your business and the common difficulties that arise as you outsource and scale


When you enroll  right now you get: 

Powerhouse Launch Academy

  • 7 Modules to show you exactly how to turn your expertise into an online course that people WANT to buy from you.
  • A complete task list detailing every step you  need to take in order to be successful on your launch day. 
  • Strategies to help you sell your course effortlessly and nurture your customers so they continue to buy from you again and again!
  • The systems foundation training you need to feel confident in your tech and help you automate your sales process so you can experience passive income.
  • A Bonus module on how to outsource and scale your business easily, so you can ensure you’re spending your time where it matters most.

You will get access to one module per week so you can take this process on in bite sized chunks without getting overwhelmed. 

We want to make sure you create a solid foundation FIRST. Each module builds on the one before so it's important that you focus on one module at a time and releasing them weekly allows you to do that.

Enroll in Powerhouse Launch Academy Today

6 Monthly Payments of


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A One-Time Payment of


*Special Pay-in-full bonus*

2 x 1:1 calls with Melissa:

  • 1 x Q&A call you can use at any time if you’re having problems with a particular module, or just want to talk through your plans. 
  • 1 x SOS call you can use the week of your launch, where we can discuss tech or systems glitches, or any other concerns you have during this stressful time.
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Plus You'll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 14 Day Guarantee


I believe in this course and the frameworks I provide in it and I know it can help create a successful launch. But I want to be sure you are the right fit for doing this work. So you get 2 WEEKS to try the course out risk free!

If you:

  • Realize your course idea won’t fly, you probably don’t have a viable course idea, and you decide to go back to the drawing board and pursue other business ideas instead
  • Do the first couple of modules and realize that the thought of working through this is just too overwhelming, and you aren’t in a place in your business to give this your full focus

Then just reach out to us. If you can show us you’ve done the work for the first 2 modules during that time, and have identified why it won’t work for your business, we’ll send your money right back.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from your fellow Powerhouse entrepreneurs

I'm so excited to support you through these next 12 weeks! 

Creating a business that scales and makes people lots of money is my PASSION!

I know first hand how hard it can be to build a successful company while working a 9-5, taking care of children, trying to balance personal life responsibilities and having a full roster of 1:1 clients. 

I also know how incredible it feels to finally break free from selling my time by the hour

If you are a coach, consultant or service provider, it's time to take the leap and join the Powerhouse Launch Academy, risk free, and see what your life can look like with a scalable business model.

I can't wait to support you through these next 12 weeks and help you transform the rest of your life!

- Melissa G


Enroll in Powerhouse Launch Academy Today

6 Monthly Payments of


Buy Now + Pay Monthly

A One-Time Payment of


*Special Pay-in-full bonus*

2 x 1:1 calls with Melissa:

  • 1 x Q&A call you can use at any time if you’re having problems with a particular module, or just want to talk through your plans. 
  • 1 x SOS call you can use the week of your launch, where we can discuss tech or systems glitches, or any other concerns you have during this stressful time.
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