The Power of Webinars

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

Do you have webinars included in your course launch plan?


I have been launching courses for quite some time now and have tried so many different strategies it would make your head spin! My favorite strategy for any course launch is to use Webinars or Masterclasses to act as a tripwire offer for your course. So what do I mean by this? Basically everything about human buying patterns comes down to a value analysis. Without perceived value, the consumer moves on. This is why I talked about doing regular newsletters in my post last week, you need to make your audience value you so they keep you in their inbox.


A Masterclass or Webinar essentially is a tripwire (meaning they opt-in to a smaller item and get targeted for a larger one later) you typically offer this value at little to no cost and filter your client pool significantly so that when you retarget later you know they are super qualified leads. Having a place where people can ask you questions and get really detailed and elaborate information is in high demand. In fact, 92% of people saw they would like a live Q&A segment included in your webinar! Hosting a webinar not only allows you to meet this need for your consumer but it also helps you understand your market better so you can make sure your sales page addresses the right questions and objectives.


Recently I had a client do a webinar as the start of her course launch and we had over 200 people watch! If you think about a Webinar or Masterclass as a sales call for your course then she essentially had 200 sales calls which, when you look at it this way, it’s bound to get you a decent amount of paying clients (provided you are selling something they need and you presented well). Because these people were able to get up close and personal with my client they felt a better connection to her and we sold out her course! This is the power of the webinar!


Next time you are getting ready to launch a course think about a topic you could present on for about 30-45 minutes and how this could potentially be used for lead generation later on. Once you have a topic in mind, add this marketing tool to your arsenal and create a plan around getting people to sign up. If you need some help coming up with a plan, go to my homepage and schedule a call, I am always happy to help! 



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